At SCOPOS, our strength lies in our team. A collective of diverse talents, each member brings a unique skill set and perspective, fueled by a shared passion for excellence in food service and design. Together, we craft experiences, set industry benchmarks, and most importantly, nurture a culture where creativity thrives alongside collaboration.


Andrey Teleguz


"I am a natural problem solver. I grew up in a system that punished thinking and ideas. Once free, I wanted to question everything. To me, success is having the opportunity to improve lives through innovation, constant learning, and collaboration. I believe that nothing is impossible, and every day, I am driven to prove it."


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Matt Schuler

Director of Culinary Development

"I’m just a laid back southern boy with a penchant for good food, and a passion for how it’s prepared. I’m naturally wired to solve problems, and I have a passion for innovation and excellence. If there’s a better way to do something, especially in the kitchen, …I’ll find it."


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Allison Dommel

Studio Director

"Creating hospitality environments that transport people out of the ordinary, “a la Disney,” has always intrigued me. Beneath the fixtures and finishes, there is function, flow, and engineering. The more I know, the deeper I have to go. I am drawn to the processes and details of how a creative vision becomes reality."




Project Managers

Josh Shupp

Senior Project Manager

Cassie Skonieczny

Project Manager

Dawn Beck

Project Manager

Maria Teleguz

Equipment SME & QC Manager

BIM Team

Alex Rogozin

Senior BIM Tech

Yuri Vasilevich

BIM Manager

Leonardo Lancini


Isabella Ferreira

BIM Technician

Tim Yudenko

BIM Technician

Guillermo Jimenez

Architectural Detailer

Design & Interiors Team

James Swetlick

Senior Interior Designer

Kristen Weiber

Interior Designer

Rick Reardon

Senior Designer

Noemi Olvera


Mary Fusco

Director of Branding

Tina Tufarolo

Brand Coordinator

Marketing Team

Vanessa Teleguz

Growth Marketing Manager & AI Specialist

Michelle Zelenevskaya

Content Marketing Coordinator

Administration / HR

Sarah Bedsaul

Human Resources

Peter Rebristy

Studio Administrator

Natasha Teleguz


Hope Clough


Bryan Caaya


Maria Simbajon