Culture of Giving Back

We're dedicated to giving back, weaving a culture of generosity,
responsibility, and care through every part of our organization.

Connect Foundation

Founded in 2024, Connect Foundation is committed to being a vital link in providing unwavering support to individuals and communities impacted by natural disasters, war, and famine. Their mission, extending both domestically and internationally, is to forge connections of hope during times of turmoil. Connect is dedicated to ensuring that those in need receive prompt and compassionate assistance, along with the necessary resources to reconstruct their lives and communities. By bridging gaps and fostering resilience, they strive to empower affected populations to recover and prosper.

Why We Founded Connect

SCOPOS Hospitality Group's decision to establish the Connect Foundation was significantly influenced by our extensive network within the hospitality industry and allied sectors, including food service, design, architecture, engineering, and manufacturing. Our contacts in these industries have shown remarkable support for SCOPOS's humanitarian initiatives, particularly in the Ukraine Refugee Aid fund. Their enthusiastic participation in sponsoring events, organizing shipments, and other relief efforts highlighted the potential for a more structured and focused approach to philanthropy.

The establishment of the Connect Foundation is a direct invitation to our industry contacts to join us in a more organized and impactful manner. We aim to engage corporations across our network, particularly in the food service, design, architecture, engineering, and manufacturing sectors, as these align closely with the mission and vision of the Connect Foundation. Together, we can create a stronger, more resilient network of support for those in need, building on the foundations of trust and collaboration that SCOPOS has always valued.

If you trust SCOPOS, you can trust the Connect Foundation to use our collective resources wisely, compassionately, and effectively.

Employee Volunteer Days

Every SCOPOS team member is entitled to three volunteer days annually. These days serve as an opportunity for our team members to step out of their regular roles and invest time in causes that resonate with them. It's not just about offering help; it's about building connections, understanding different perspectives, and enriching our own lives while bettering others.

Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much.

Donation Matching Program

Every contribution counts, and at SCOPOS, we want to amplify the impact of our collective efforts. Whenever our team members make a charitable donation, SCOPOS matches it, effectively doubling the aid provided to the chosen cause. By doing this, we foster a spirit of generosity and ensure that our resources are harnessed for the greater good.

Supporting Ukraine Refugee Aid Fund

In the ’90s, many refugees from Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus settled in Lancaster County, PA., creating a vibrant Slavic community. Andrey, Principal at SCOPOS, is amongst this group of people who when the time came, felt obligated to help their own people in the time of crisis. In 2022, the Ukraine Refugee Aid Fund was initiated in response to the humanitarian crisis, and our hearts went out to the countless affected individuals. SCOPOS sponsored fundraising events, crafted marketing materials, hosted culinary events at the SCOPOS office, and more.

Learn more about the Ukraine Refugee Aid Fund efforts.

Supporting U4U Kids

In 2023, Andrey, Principal of SCOPOS was approached by longtime friend Peter Dydnik with an idea. Peter wanted to launch a nationwide program to bring hope, healing, and a brighter future to thousands of children in Ukraine affected by the war with Russia. SCOPOS dedicated its time and resources to develop the U4U Kids logo, website, and standards for hosting the program. Thanks to the U4U Kids project, 3,000 Ukrainian children are able to be rehabilitated, providing them with a new opportunity for a happier life.

Learn more about the U4U Kids program and efforts.