Interior Design & Procurement

From the thoughtful placement of fixtures to the selection of finishes, lighting, and artwork, each element is curated to breathe life into your space.

Meet the Interior Design Team

James Swetlick

Senior Interior Designer

Kristen Weiber

Interior Designer

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About Us

We are passionate about creating and delivering exceptional services that meet our client's needs and exceed all expectations. We leverage our industry expertise, knowledge of the latest design trends, and collaboration with clients to create functional and aesthetically pleasing spaces. Whether working in healthcare, higher education, senior living communities, and beyond, we understand the value of each project, and we work closely with our clients at every stage to ensure that their vision and uniqueness are brought to life! 

Our Creative Approach

1. Programming

Here’s where we learn everything possible about your facility’s personality, lifestyle, preferences, and directional needs. We will determine any specific qualities or unique features you are looking for. We can provide surveys or questionnaires to get to know you better. This process allows us to better understand the values and needs of the project to help create a design that reflects your challenges and goals.

2. Schematic Design

During this step, we will formulate preliminary plans
and design concepts to describe the character, function, and aesthetic of your project. Need options? Here’s where we’ll brainstorm them for you and your team’s review and discussion. We will look at concepts, colors, equipment, costs, and even furniture options to refine the direction of your vision.

3. Design Development

It’s time to narrow it down and bring in the specifics. We will prepare plans, details, and specifications based on all the decisions and data that have been developed in the previous steps. Final furniture selections can also be included in this phase for purchase through our Procurement process, where we will coordinate all the selections through ordering to installation at your facility. We can provide drawings, renderings, and color and material boards for final approval.

4. Contract Documents

The final step in getting your project to come to fruition. Prepare working drawings and specifications for approval. This can include interior layouts, materials, finishes, furnishings, and fixtures.

We will determine and facilitate collaboration with specialty consultants and provide final documentation for your project intentions.

5. Construction Administration

As your project comes to life! We can provide final coordination with all parties involved. We would conduct any site visits and inspections required. Additionally, we can monitor the construction, finishing, and installation of project-specific items, answer any questions, and coordinate any final placement of items like furniture and artwork that may have been selected through our procurement process.

Procurement Services

Synergizing with Your Team

Understanding that each project embodies a unique spirit and requirement, we collaborate with your architects and designers, ensuring our collective expertise creates environments that resonate with your facility's ethos and customer expectations.

Every Detail Matters

Every detail, from the tactile sensation of finishes to the visual feast of artwork and strategic lighting, makes the space complete. Our goal is to craft spaces where each element serves a functional purpose and plays a pivotal role in constructing an immersive, captivating experience.

Strategic Relationships

Through cultivating relationships with national and international suppliers and manufacturers, we leverage our position to secure items at cost-effective price points, and we take pride in passing along the ensuing savings to you.

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