Operational Programming & Consulting

Creating functional, engaging, and trendsetting hospitality spaces that resonate with consumer preferences and operational efficiency.

Our Partnership with The Hollyday Group

The Hollyday Group, an operational consulting company, became a part of our family following its acquisition in 2022. From the ground-up development to new venue constructions to polishing existing services, our team is here to help you establish the ultimate customer experience. By working together, the two companies can provide a full turnkey solution that covers all aspects of the project, from design and planning to execution and delivery. 

Visit The Hollyday Group's site to learn more about how they can help you operationalize your space.

Our Services

Master Planning, Feasibility Analysis, and Operational Audits

Our team devises various working models, ensuring every aspect - from staffing and budgetary constraints to operational and menu requirements - is meticulously considered.

In-Depth Analytical Reports
and Observations

Through our comprehensive survey and observation reports, we assess the current state of your operations and identify opportunities for enhancement, ensuring each element is tuned to perfection.

Dining Analysis, Meal Calculations,
and Venue Tuning

We delve into dining analyses and meal calculations, ensuring your venue isn’t just a place to dine, but an experience to remember.

Operational Audits Tailored
to Your Needs

Our audits delve deep into each operational sector, identifying, analyzing, and rectifying discrepancies, ensuring your operation performs proficiently.

Technology Deployment
for Enhanced Operations

We strategically deploy tech solutions that streamline your operations and enhance the customer experience.

Operational Support that
Sustains Your Vision

Our steadfast operational support ensures that your vision is realized and sustained, fostering an environment where your culinary operations and team can thrive.

Culinary Operational Narratives

Our culinary operational narratives intertwine your story with every operational strand, providing a coherent and compelling picture of your brand and its journey.

Uplifting Customer Satisfaction

In a landscape where customer satisfaction is paramount, we employ strategies that not only meet but exceed customer expectations.

Hiring, Training, and Coaching Programs

Our robust hiring, training, and coaching programs, with the help of The Hollyday Group, ensure your team is not only equipped with the skills to excel.

Introducing Maison - Our Sous Vide Solution

We harnessed our extensive design and equipment knowledge to bring to life 'Maison' – an innovative Sous Vide culinary venture designed to address the modern challenges of staffing and efficiency in kitchen operations. 

More than just a food concept, Maison is a fully branded restaurant experience, uniquely positioned to streamline kitchen workflows and reduce operational complexities. Our carefully curated menu, featuring delights like Grilled Salmon Sliders, Vegan Bolognese, and Braised Short Rib, spans breakfast, lunch, and tapas menus. Its specialized Sous Vide technique not only elevates culinary artistry but also allows for a significantly smaller kitchen footprint compared to traditional production kitchens.

Contact us today to learn more about how our Sous Vide solution can help transform your facility.

Our Other Services