Food Service Design

Our approach encompasses all elements of food and non-food areas—including storage, preparation, production, warewashing, and serving—ensuring a comprehensive design strategy that synergizes with operational demands.

Design and Layout

SCOPOS Hospitality Group addresses all food and non-food areas when designing a space. This includes back-of-house storage, preparation, production, warewashing areas, and front-of-house service. This ensures the design and equipment meet the needs of the operation. We consider the unique nature of each project in terms of service, sanitation, serviceability, durability, flexibility, security, equipment cost, and product and traffic flow. 

We pride ourselves on incorporating our talents and skills into building designs that exceed client expectations and are cost-effective and operationally efficient. We feel it is our responsibility to design food service operations that function successfully and provide an environment that is both workable and pleasant and solves special problems. 

We keep kitchens cooking.

Our Service Palette
in Food Service Design Includes

Equipment Floor Plan

Tailoring floor plans that optimize space, functionality, and ease of movement.

3D Illustration

Visualization is brought to life through detailed 3D illustrations, aiding in accurate representation and planning.

Plumbing Point of Connection Plan

Planning of plumbing connections to guarantee efficient water usage and management.

Equipment Schedules

Detailed scheduling that ensures coherence and timeliness in equipment setup and utilization.

Electrical Point of Connection Plan

Safeguarding smooth and safe electrical installations through strategic planning of connection points.

Rough-in Drawings/Wall Backing Plan

Advanced preparation with rough-in drawings and wall backing plans for flawless execution during the build.

Detail Drawings for Custom Fixtures

Crafted with precision to facilitate custom-built fixtures that seamlessly merge with the overall design.

Exhaust Hood Drawings

Ensuring optimal ventilation and adherence to safety norms with precise exhaust hood designs.

Equipment Specifications/Specification Books

Providing detailed equipment specifications to ensure clarity, accuracy, and adherence to quality benchmarks.

Final Inspection Punch List

A meticulous final review to ensure every detail, nook, and cranny is polished to perfection before handover.

Total Coordination with Contractors/Engineers/Architects

Ensuring a harmonious build process through collaborative coordination across all construction and design teams.

Review of Submittals

Engaging in thorough review processes to ensure every design and build aspect aligns with the envisioned plan.

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