About The Project

This design features a Food Hall concept with Micro Venues. This innovative approach created multiple micro venues within a single space, offering the operations team greater flexibility in staffing, hours, and resident offerings. Depending on the time of day or week, different venues could open or close, featuring a variety of options. One standout venue offered an indoor/outdoor experience with a "Local Plate" concept, allowing a local restaurant partner to showcase community offerings.

Project Team

We extend our gratitude to our partners for their collaboration on this project and for enabling us to bring it to fruition!
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SCOPOS Hospitality Group
Culinary Programming, 

Food Service Design, Branding & Smallwares

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Architectural Design & Interiors 

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Reese Hackman
MEP Engineering

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FS Equipment Dealer

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Food service Design

SCOPOS provided a cohesive design solution that involved culinary programing, food service design and branding/ environmental graphics.

Food Service Design Process

Culinary Programming

Space Planning

BIM Modeling & Configuring

Millwork Engineering & Detailing

Mechanical, Plumbing/ 
Electrical Rough-Ins

Specialty Conditions

The Existing Conditions

3D Renderings

Architecture, Food Service, Interiors & Branding cover critical coordination elements that can often clash and require delicate coordination details. Visualizing them in real-time allows each discipline to cover any potential gaps. We use this BIM Modeling process internally to make design decisions and recommendations.

The Completed Space


SCOPOS provided a cohesive design solution that involved culinary programing, food service design and branding/ environmental graphics.

Branding Process

We began the process of building the brand for Pennswood by collaborating with Culinesse to gain the vision they had for their overall food service. In their casual everyday bistro, we chose easy, durable melamine that coordinated with the interior design, matched with interesting hearth oven-ready pieces, a pop of color with a comfortable ceramic coffee mug, and playful cloth bistro napkins! Going along with the everyday casual, we crafted a simple but fun Seasons logo, as well as menu covers with edible menu templates that were both displayed on their digital menu boards and the traditional table menus. The flex bar experience warranted a fun and organic selection of tapas-style stoneware in soft, muted, modern hues, with fun servers, board styles, and eclectic barware for fun mix-and-match tapas and complete bar service.

Turning to Pennswood's fine dining area, we took the traditional 1382 and crafted a logo and entrance experience. An experience that brought a sophisticated feel and a table service of modern textured china, satin flatware, and a menu cover with an edible template that simply elevated the experience provided for the community. 

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