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Leveraging technology was a key driver for the project to create venues that allowed self-order and pre-order stations with self-check-out reducing staffing requirements. Result was a fast casual Fresca Eatery featuring a heart oven and Citrus Bar & Market. Both venues offer an all-day dining experience with an extended after-hours option in the market.

Project Team

We extend our gratitude to our partners for their collaboration on this project and for enabling us to bring it to fruition!
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SCOPOS Hospitality Group
Food Service, Branding
& Environmental Graphics

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Interior Design

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Navitect Consulting LLC

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Food service Design

SCOPOS provided a full spectrum of services delivering a cohesive design solution that involved Foodservice Design and Branding/ Smallwares/ Paper goods.

Food Service Design Process

Culinary Programming

Space Planning

BIM Modeling & Configuring

Millwork Engineering & Detailing

Mechanical, Plumbing/
Electrical Rough-Ins

Specialty Conditions

The Existing Conditions

The Completed Space

The Restaurant Experience


SCOPOS provided a full spectrum of services delivering a cohesive design solution that involved Foodservice Design and Branding/ Smallwares/ Paper goods.

Branding Process

The branding process for this Gainesville Florida community was inspired by local history and the Villagers love of nature and creativity. Fr om the orange groves that once flourished here to the Spanish influence of early settlers, our challenge was to combine our findings with the vibrant Interior Design palette to create relatable branding to enhance a sense of place and identity.

For the bistro, market and Bar area, the resulting names and brands highlight a fresh and vibrant theme. Located in close proximity to each other, we wanted to differentiate the destinations, but acknowledge the shared space. Capitalizing on turquoise tones for the sophisticated tropical destination. Citrus Bar & Market emerged as a playful and decidedly Florida brand. Fresca, Spanish for “fresh” celebrates the healthy food, honors the local history in a fun way, and it also perfectly suits the feisty vibe of this busy bistro. Fresca and Citrus work synergistically as fun appropriate and memorable brands, while providing a distinct personality for each venue.

For the fine dining experience, adventure and refinement are not lost on Blu. Set apart from the bustle of the bistro, bar and market, this venue called for a calm yet captivating brand experience. Blu speaks to a sense of sophistication and intrigue, in comfortable and restorative surroundings. A perfect destination that suits the everyday as easily as a special event.

Finally, the come-and-go Bistro 27 West invites you to a casual coffee experience. While an existing name, we created a simple logo to promote a cohesive brand experience.

To complete the unique restaurant experiences, we provided menu, table tops and uniform direction wh ere appropriate. Thoughtful dinnerware, and a professional menu jacket are the important touchpoints of a restaurant experience. Another way to reinforce the brand and take advantage of existing disposables, we often recommend branded napkins, coasters, coffee cups, bags or boxes, using the new logo and color palettes to provide simple designs for these everyday products. These thoughtful details not only shows attention and commitment to the experience, but reminds residents why they want to come back.

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