About The Project

The goal of the program was to renovate an existing dining space and introduce a new, innovative bakery and market concept. Emphasis was placed on ensuring food safety, transparency, and operational efficiency in the planning process. Simple solutions and advanced technology were implemented to reduce labor, mitigate risks and minimize food waste while also bringing excitement through the Bakery concept, enhancing the overall dining experience through the introduction of new venues with a variety of offerings, operating hours, and locations

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Skilled Nursing/ Post-Acute Care

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Senior Housing News Architecture & Design Awards

EFA Design Showcase: Finalist

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Environments for Aging

Design and Construction Team 

We extend our gratitude to our partners for their collaboration on this project and for enabling us to bring it to fruition!
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SCOPOS Hospitality Group
Food Service Design

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Bishop Gadsden
Senior Living Community

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Samet Corp Corporation

Food service Design

SCOPOS provided Culinary Programming and Food Service Design, working closely with the system leadership and design teams.

Food Service Design Process

Culinary Programming

Space Planning

BIM Modeling & Configuring

Millwork Engineering & Detailing

Mechanical, Plumbing/
Electrical Rough-Ins

Specialty Conditions

Conceptual Renderings

Architecture, Food Service, Interiors & Branding cover critical coordination elements that can often clash and require delicate coordination details. Visualizing them in real-time allows each discipline to cover any potential gaps. The design team used this process to collaborate and communicate concepts to the client.

The Completed Space

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