About The Project

The Givens Estates project enhanced dining options to cater to a range of preferences within the community, from casual to upscale. The food hall now includes a bistro with a hearth oven for freshly baked pizzas, a grill, deli, rotisserie, bakery, and more, each equipped to meet community needs. A grab-and-go market and gift shop offer convenient options for residents. A flex bar serves as a coffee shop in the morning and a bar/lounge in the evening, featuring an espresso machine and a wine rack display. For upscale dining, The Terrace offers destination dining with an exhibition kitchen and a semi-private dining room. The kitchen includes a French cooking suite, allowing residents to view the culinary action from the restaurant or kitchen counter. his project has introduced a new level of dining variety and convenience, enhancing hospitality for residents, staff, and visitors at Givens Estates.

Project Team 

We extend our gratitude to our partners for their collaboration on this project and for enabling us to bring it to fruition!
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SCOPOS Hospitality Group
Food Service Design

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Reese Hackman
MEP Engineering

Food service Design

SCOPOS provided culinary programming and food service design, working closely with the system leadership and design teams.

Food Service Design Process

Culinary Programming

Space Planning

BIM Modeling & Configuring

Millwork Engineering & Detailing

Mechanical, Plumbing/
Electrical Rough-Ins

Specialty Conditions

The Existing Conditions

The Completed Space

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