Master Planning and Concept Design

Helping Realize Your Vision
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The Big Picture

Master Planning

Developing a master plan begins with understanding and defining the vision, objectives, short and long-term goals, and the results that you are hoping to achieve.

Working collaboratively, we develop the ideal design. Backed by fact-based analysis, industry best practices, and real case studies, our design team produces individualized food service solutions that increase efficiency, improve food programming, and look amazing.

Every programming report includes a review of space and area requirements, venues, menus, hours of operation, staffing requirements, schematic diagrams, and advantages/limitations of each program. The final master plan can be used to develop systematic and productive operations and direct future activities of the clients' culinary projects.

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Concept Design 

We create concepts that draw crowds, create/maintain profitability and win awards. Launching a new restaurant requires an enormous amount of planning. From concept, to branding, programming, equipment layout and specification, interior design and construction administration, SCOPOS has the expertise to realize your vision.